Create ego question: multi select answer

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Multi select answers


Multi select answers


Multi select answer questions will be configured differently than single select questions. In the following I will show you how to do the configuration.

One example:

Our question is "What do you like to eat?"

The answers are:

  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Ice cream

You can select one or more than one answers.


For this question, we need 3 attributes:

What do you like to eat_Pizza, What do you like to eat_Pasta, What do you like to eat_Ice cream

Each atttribute has one value: Pizza, Pasta, Ice Cream.


Now, we implement this question as a ego question in MyNetworkmap:

Login to MyNetworkmap and open the "online survey" module and create a new questionnaire with one page.

And open the "Ego: multi select: checkbox" element:

Ego multi answer

Now, we create our first attribute: What do you like to eat_Pizza with one value: Pizza:

Click on "Create new attribute..." and input the attribute name and the value:

Ego multi select answer

Click on "Save attribute" and than on the green "+" button:

Ego multi select answer

Now, you see on entry in the "Answers" list.


Please, repeat the steps and input the other two attributes.

ego multi select answer

(You can delete the entries from the answer list, if you click on the delete button on the right side. You can change the answer order by clicking the up and down button on the right side.)

Please, click on "Save".


If you start the questionnaire, the question will looks like the following screen shot:

ego multi select answer