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The dashboard


The dashboard shows your current modules, the manual, the possibility to book an online course and you can send  a message to the MyNetworkmap team (e.g. for support requests, wishes and suggestions).

Network map

The network map module allows you to visualize and analyse networks (eg. ego centric or complete networks).

Actor table

The actor table module gives you an overview of all your network actors and the network relations between your network actors.


The attributes module allows you to add new actor properties and relation properties.

Actor import

In the actor import module you can import actor data from external file sources.

Relations import

In the relations import module you can import relation data from external file sources.


The export module allows the export of actor data, relational data and network data.

Organization and Team

The organization and team module allows you to register your organization and to upgrade your account to add more team members.

Edit input mask

In this module you can configure your own input dialog.


In the profile module you change your login data.


The MyNetworkmap manual.

Book your online workshop

Learn together with a trainer how to use our tool optimally for your work.

Send message

Here you can send us a message. Do you have suggestions for improvement or do you need support? Then simply send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you.